Welcome to Kaliningrad! To do list.

Hello, my name is Kate. Thank you for visiting Kaliningradwith.me. That is my first Kaliningrad travel guide on English and I hope it will be useful for visitors. This travel rating basis on my own opinion.

Kaliningrad is a Russian city, and a currency is a Russian ruble. Before 1945 it was named Konigsberg (German) and we still have a lot of buildings and construction, roads from this times. But after 1945 there was Soviet Union ideology in architecture and other. So on the one street German gothic is mixed up with the Soviet blocks.

Airport Khrabrovo is about 20 minutes to city center by car (taxi is about 600-1000 rur), you can also use a public transport to get there. (bus 244 will get you to the South Station).

Time is UTC+2

We have two railway and bus stations Northern and South. To get to the seaside you can choose any, except Baltiysk (only from South). South railway station use Moscow time for trains. Please be informed that for visiting Baltiysk or Vyshtinetskoe lake you need special permission from FSB.

Short list for visit in Kaliningrad:

  • Kant’s tomb and Konigsberg cathedral on the Kant’s island (Kneiphof). The Kant’s museum is also here. In the Konigsberg cathedral now is a organ hall and you can visit the concert every day at 2 pm.
  • The ‘Fishing village» nearby there are lots of restaurants and souvenirs. Please do not forget to get upstairs to the lighthouse and make a wish near the fortune’s bird.Блог-путеводитель по Калининграду и области от @katya_v_kaliningrade. Рыбная деревня
  • The House of Soviets and ruins of Konigsberg Castle: the fanzone of FIFA2018 is nearbyIMG_5624
  • The Victory square and the The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour — the biggest square with fountains.ts0JOVQi2DY
  • The Amber Museum — here you will found information about amber history, types and jewellery. Also you can walk around the Upper pond and enjoy it. There you will find audioguide on English and German.
  • The World ocean museum — must visiting. Not only expositions in the building, but the Vitayz or Pacaev vessels. Audioguide is also possible here.

  • Konigsberg gates (museums in the King’s gates or Fridland gates, or to take dinner in Rosgarten gates in a restaurant «The sun stone»)
  • Konigsberg forts (usually choose #5 (audiuguide is available here on English, German)- with story of Patriotic War or #11 with story of forts and their structure).
  • Zoo — the old German zoo still work in Russia.
  • Amalienau — the district with villas and gardens near the Central park.
  • The Baltic stadium is the oldest stadium in Russia (was built in 1892), and new Kaliningrad stadium for FIFA2018 (on the island)

One of the walking rout I see smth like this:

From the House of Soviets through new build Leninskiy prospect and the Victory square, than to monument of two bisons new the Technic University, then to Kaliningrad Drama theatre and Shiller monument — Baltic stadium — Zoo- the monument to the fellow astronauts and to Central park and Amlienau — you can finish with Altes House museum (Excursions on Russian). Long walk for a day!

Do not forget to visit seaside:

Svetlogorsk — the cozy town with a lot of beautiful villas, the Gofman’s house and the sculptures of G.Brakhert  (Nimfa, etc) is also here.

Zelenogradsk is comfort for everyone (the beach place for disabled people), also here you will find the Cat’s museum Murrarium and other attractions.

Yantarniy with the Bekker garden are really beautiful, also this town got the Blue flag, A monument to victims of the Holocaust is on the beach.

Pionerskiy is famous with a Russian President residence.

As I know Baltysk is open for foreigners now too, but you need to get specil permission (in advance!). Pillau citadel and the military objects are really interesting. On the moll there are monument to Elizaveta I (the biggest monument with a woman on a horse). The Western point of Russia is in the end of the moll.

And for sure you must visiting Curonian Spit (Dancing forest, the Efa hight).

What to try in restaurant? Where to get dinner?

As a domestic kitchen you can choose Russian cuisine (soups, cutlet, salads) and Prussia dishes (klopse, soups, pork). For sure, desserts are also very interesting (marzipan, cakes, ice-cream)

Fish restaurant: the Sun Stone («Solnechniy kamen») near the Amber Museum, The unt Fisher («Tetka Fisher’). And restaurants in «Fishing village».

Pizza — Papasha Beppe (the cafe has a business lunch and delivery). Dodo-pizza (delivery)

Prussian: HauseAmHafen (Pionersky, Ushakovo), Reduit and Kronprinz (on Litovskiy val), and restaurants in castles «Shaaken», «Nesselbeck».

And a lot of cafe: Konigsbaker, First-cafe, Kruassan-cafe, DonChento, Gerkules, Restaurant complies — «the Kings Residence» and so on.

Souvenirs from Kaliningrad:

  • Amber, for sure ) please buy it only in official stores and keep the checks.
  • Books, cards and old maps, antiques.
  • Fish
  • Marzipan
  • Handmade souvenirs, and handmade cats.
  • Alcohol (Russian vodka, beer etc.)
  • FIFA symbols
  • Russian symbols as you wish)

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions. Welcome to Kaliningrad!


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