Welcome to Kaliningrad

Hello, my name is Kate and I am happy to Welcome you in Kaliningrad region!

Let me give you my short info and my guide-advises for travelling Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad (formal German. Konigsberg), the city in Russian Federation with population about 500 thousand people. The date of birth 1st of September 1255 by Teutonic Knights. From 1945 after Potsdam conference the region became a part of Soviet Union, in 1946 was rename to Kaliningrad and still Russian.

  • Language: Russian
  • Currency: Russian ruble
  • Kaliningrad region has a border with Poland and Lithuania.
  • Hotel rates: from 2000 rub per nights
  • Hostels: from 500 rub per night
  • Season: May-October
  • Water: Baltyc sea, Pregolya river
  • Airport — Khrabrovo

My Google map with hotels, cafes and other…

What is an excites in Kaliningrad, what you must see?

The most popular tourist areas: Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, Kurshskaya kosa (environmental park), Yantarniy, Balga and other castles (usually this places like Poland and German tourists). For visiting Vyshtynetskoe lake and Baltyisk foreigners needs special permission (you need to contact Suvorova, 15,  , 8-4012-69-11-79 in advance 2 weeks)

Kaliningrad sightings: Fishing Village, Königsberg Cathedral , the tomb of Immanuil Kant and Museum of Immanuil Kant (this items in the same area). Please visit Forts and bastions, the Museum of Amber and The Museum of the world ocean (here you can take audio-guide). You can find 7+1 gates to Kaliningrad and for sure to look around on the square near the ruins of King Castle and the monumental building from Soviet period «House of Soviet (Dom Sovetov)». Also you need to find the Victory Square and visit Kaliningrad Zoo.

Where to try food in Kaliningrad?

I can recommend you a lot of local cafes by the «Kruassan cafe’s» chain or «Konigsbaker». Prussian cuisine you will find in «Aunt Fisher (Tetka Fisher)», «Mushkino», «House Am Hafen», «Reduit», Kaiserwurst. Fish food you can try in «Sun stone (Solnechniy kamen)» near The Amber Museum.

Domestic cuisine is:

Klops — this is small meat cutlet with special recipe.

Fish — baltic eel is really delicious.

The best pizza: «Papasha Beppe» or KDpizza (delivery)

Best ice-cream: «Gelateria Italiano» (in Shopping centre «Europe»)

For sure there a lot of really good restaurants and cafe, this is only my opinion )))

What to buy for souvenir?

Amber, for sure! But please be careful, you need to keep check with you on the custom house. Next recommendation is handmade souvenirs: cards, toys, T-shirts and other (my recommendations: you can by it in «Modilyany gallery» or on the market in Svetlogorsk).

Alcohol — konuagee «Old Konigsberg», «Insterburg». Beer «Konigsberg», «Ponart».

Fish. The best place to buy the fish in the store «Za Rodinu» near the central market. Here you can buy baltic eel in the vacuum pack and some canned goods .

Where to find tourist information?

visit-kaliningrad.ru — the Info centre with English and Deuitch languages. Here you can read about our region and download some guides.

Please see the map, I picked the pods with all Infocenters in Kaliningrad region. You can visit it and take brochures, asked your questions. Also I mark the most interesting objects and cafes.


About guides. Yes, I can be your guide in Kaliningrad and other) you can use Tripster to find the guide you like, or use Google search to find Travel agency.


Historical festivals Kaup and Ushkuy. International Firework festival. Local events: the day of sausages, Day of herring. Russian events: Museum night, Biblionight, KVN (humour festival). A lot of Street Food Festivals every season, International theatre, cinema and art festivals are really popular.

About registration.

According to the law, all foreigners incoming and staying into Russian Federation more than for 7 days must be registrated. For tourist visa — in the hotel, hostel etc. For other type of visa you need to ask the organisation this visa gave you to register it. In Kaliningrad you can’t use tourism visa for visit your friends and relatives, you need to choose other type of visa.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have some questions about travelling Kaliningrad!

Sincerely your, Kate Kudrina.